Orgonite headache

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Orgonite headache

While conducting his research, Dr. Orgonite is based on these two principles. It is a mix of resin organic, due to the fact that it is based on petrochemicalsand metal shavings inorganic. A quartz crystal is also added inside the orgonite matrix. Energy which is out of balance is absorbed into the orgonite by the metal-resin mix, and brought back to a healthy, vibrant state by the embedded crystal. The effects of orgonite differ from person to person.

Some feel the energy straight away usually as a tingling or warm sensation while for others the effects are cumulative. The most commonly reported effects of orgonite are:. Most people use orgonite to balance and strengthen their energetic field, and to help provide protection against EMFs.

Most esoteric and metaphysical teachings have emphasised the idea of subtle energies that are found everywhere — from the human body to the air around us — the building blocks of all life on earth.

Reich termed it orgone, in Traditional Chinese medicine it is termed Qi, in Ayurveda and tantra it is called prana. Many alternative healing methods, such as Reiki and Quantum Touch, make use of subtle energies in order to heal imbalances in the body.

It is accumulated naturally in the living organism by ingesting foods, breathing, and through the skin. Orgone can exist in a healthy form and in a stagnant, dangerous form.

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Most natural environments which have been untouched by pollution are charged with balanced, harmonious energy. Most notably, waterfalls, mountaintops and green forests — many of us feel a positive difference when in these environments — the air is cleaner, they are beautiful — but there is also an excess of positive orgone energy.

orgonite headache

We need orgone for our survival, and energy blockages often cause serious illnesses. Orgone runs through our bodies, and different teachings have mapped out different paths along which it runs.

Acupuncture is based on the meridian system taught in Tradtional Chinese medicine. When your body is healthy, energy runs unobstructed through these meridians, but blockages in the meridian can cause illness. Acupuncture and acupressure are thought to stimulate the meridians and work to heal the blockages. The chakra system works in a similar way. In this case, our seven major chakras are vortexes of energy. Each chakra deals has a different function, and if there are any blockages in energy flow in our chakras, this can also result in psychological and psychological symptoms like disease or mental complexes.

Apart from keeping orgonite around you, exercises like Qi Gong, yoga, energy healing, crystal healing and some forms of meditation are good ways to keep a healthy flow of POR in your body, which leads to a healthier and happier body.

Our subtle energy systems are also affected by the food we eat, the way we breathe breathing is one major intake of orgone energyand even the thoughts we think. Subtle energy is thought to have an intelligence of its own. Although it can also be rewarding to actively work with the orgonite energies. We can use our consciousness to interact with orgonite and orgone energy. Feng Shui is an art that was developed in China over years ago. Feng means wind, and shui means water. Wind and water are associated with good health and fortune in Chinese culture.

Feng Shui is a body of knowledge that reveals the ways in which to balance the energies of a space in order to bring good fortune into your life. Feng Shui has gained a lot of popularity in the West, and orgonite gives us another tool with which to apply Feng Shui principles. First of all, simply placing orgonite in your home will do a lot to balance the energies and the energy flow inside it.I recently got some some orgonite for my mother and sister.

I sent my sister 12 TB's and the 6 personal pyramids, all from orgonecrystals thanks Sensei. Now, my sister is telling me that she can be around the orgonite, but when she touches it, she gets a really bad headache! Anybody have any thoughts on this? She has had a history of medical problems, including cancer.

She was also in the Army, if that matters Any and all ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

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Your sister could have an energetic block or attachment energy in her crown or third eye areas. She could be extremely energy-sensitive: over-stimulation can cause headaches. Some aspect of her being or personal Karma could be rejecting the impetus of growth. This sounds far-fetched, but for example; I've gone to talks given by a powerfully realized and genuine spiritual teacher, and repeatedly fallen asleep in an almost violent fashion I'm an insomniac--this cannot possibly occur--and while drinking coffee too.

Sometimes the ego says "No way" and shuts you down. Hope this helps! I was thinking more along the lines of energy build up. Is there anything she can do to help "unblock" the energy? Or, can the orgonite help, over time, get that energy flowing again? Her medical issues suggest that there are a lot of complex factors to look at, including what drugs she might be taking, vaccines she probably had, her diet, and emotional issues.

Coming in close contact with orgone can increase the flow of life energy in certain ways that can be painful when there are blockages, like getting bigger inside a rigid suit of armor, ouch.

Often people need to work on removing the blockages in an individualized way. When it's about a friend's or family member's health problems, the question is always what are they inclined to pursue in terms of natural healing. I can tell people what I recommend, but it's also a matter of what they're comfortable with. I'm pretty sure there is an energy blockage as well, but I'm at a loss as how to help with that.

Here is the latest email she sent me concerning her time with the military as well as her cancer which, she is free of at the moment : "When i was in the Army I was given MANY things also when I had cancer. So that is a very big possibility that those meds. I tried putting the orgonite on my head,but i started out with one of the small ones. At first it was doing alright but after about a min.

Not only that it left a red mark on my forehead were it was touching. Now when i hold them it's not hot or burning or leave any marks it just hurts my head. But what I found out last night if it touches my head it feels really heavy and hot. And when I removed it and there was a red mark under it? And yet my head was still pounding. I don't understand it i can be around it,but i just can't touch it She does understand the dangers in taking it.

I believe she's open to other methods of healing. If anyone has any advice, I will pass it on to her. They do help. It involves homeopathic treatment to get at the very deep blockages, including those caused by allopathic drugs and treatments. It pinpoints them precisely and works in a systematic way, because there are usually many layers.Lately, concern about the potential harmful effects of EMFs electromagnetic frequencies has increased. Although many health agencies still dismiss the risks as minor, there has been a lot of research that shows differently.

orgonite headache

For example:. Thankfully, orgonite is an efficient way to diminish the effects of EMF. In fact, this is one of the most well-known and popular uses of orgonite. Orgonite does its work on the etheric level rather than the electromagnetic level. Orgonite does not clean up EMFs per se, rather it cleans up the disorganised, deadly orgone energy produced by it.

People who are sensitive to EMFs have been helped greatly by orgonite. For example, disturbed sleep and insomnia are one of the most common symptoms of low-level sensitivity to EMFs.

In the long run, you will sleep sounder. Orgonite and EMF Protection. The Hazards of Electromagnetic Frequencies Lately, concern about the potential harmful effects of EMFs electromagnetic frequencies has increased.

For example: Ina study showed that the offspring of mice that were exposed to low-frequency EMR electromagnetic radiation from power lines were born stunted. Several researchers have shown connections between over-exposure to EMR and cancer.

For example, init was noted by a researcher that there were more leukemia-related deaths in men who worked close to electrical and magnetic fields. A study found that rats which were exposed to EMFs for a month found it harder to learn a new task than the control group. Researchers in India found studies which showed the negative effect of mobile phone towers on animals and plants.

orgonite headache

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Powered by Social Snap. Copy link. Copy Copied.Crystal energy is real, and for some people, they may experience some side effects after being in contact with them, or when working with their energies. In the mineralogical kingdom, quartz crystals SiO2 are considered to be amongst the strongest conductors of metaphysical energy.

Certain side effects could be experienced with crystals, most noticeably with quartz crystals. You should become familiar with, and prepared for any possible side effects of working with crystals, whether on others, or on yourself.

Some possible side effects that are mainly associated with quartz crystals are:.

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Sometimes, overexposure to crystals may result in an upset stomach or diarrhea. The person may not be ready to handle the influx of quartz energy yet. If you feel the crystal is too large, downsize to a smaller one or use it for a lesser time period in a day.

Effets de l’orgonite sur les êtres vivants

Sometimes, the problem could be due to a crystal healing arrangement that resulted in an overdose of incoming energy, or because of using a too high a conductive metal as in crystal jewelry. You may also experience hot and cold flushes alternating between each other. These are all signs that the body is experiencing energy fluxes and trying to correct the holes in the etheric body that require meshing up. If these experiences get too much, remove the crystal s until the next time.

Headaches are common side effects that happen because the energy from the crystal is getting modulated with the energies of the brain that have their seat in the pineal gland. The combination of the pituitary and pineal gland powers the Third Eye, the sixth sense that is getting stimulation from the crystal energies passing through it. If your Third Eye has been dormant all this while, than a sudden stimulation from a crystal could cause a headache. It should be taken positively to mean that the energies in the brain are now finally getting stimulated, but prudence is advised.

The crystal s causing the headache should of course be removed, until tolerance has been built via gradual assimilation. Crystals may cause emotional reactions that can be quite unpredictable. Crying, laughing, and euphoria are some of the emotional reactions that have been observed in people undergoing crystal healing. This is due to the negative emotional baggage that many of us carry from childhood, which are now suddenly being worked upon by crystal energy.

As they are being dissolved, people commonly report feeling emotional swings. Another reaction especially after a healing session with crystals is feeling light headed or dizzy. If the person has been lying down throughout the entire session, sit up gradually and avoid standing until the lightheadedness has passed. You may also feel increased sensitivity to certain external stimuli such as TV programs or songs.

Therefore, care should always be exercised to ensure the healing process is gradual and tolerable at all times. Healing should never be rushed. Possible side effects of using crystals Crystal energy is real, and for some people, they may experience some side effects after being in contact with them, or when working with their energies.

Some possible side effects that are mainly associated with quartz crystals are: Diarrhea Sometimes, overexposure to crystals may result in an upset stomach or diarrhea. Headaches Headaches are common side effects that happen because the energy from the crystal is getting modulated with the energies of the brain that have their seat in the pineal gland.

Emotional swings Crystals may cause emotional reactions that can be quite unpredictable. Dizziness Another reaction especially after a healing session with crystals is feeling light headed or dizzy.

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Take everything gradually… You may also feel increased sensitivity to certain external stimuli such as TV programs or songs. View on Instagram. Search for:.The energetic harmony is the key to physical and mental health. The Orgonite strengthens the energetic immune system and allows the body to heal itself. Many physical diseases can be successfully treated with Orgonite:. Many people reported a positive effect on the psyche, if an Orgone generator is in the room.

Reich had already observed that his Orgone accumulators spread a certain cozy atmosphere in the room in which they were placed. For the elderly, Orgone generators represent a stable source of life energy, which can be of great help. Old age is a particularly obvious form of energy deficiency.

Orgone also helps in meditation, yoga, Reiki and chakra work particularly well and allows effects, which can be reached only after years of training. Orgonites work excellently on our psyche, because they revitalize and strengthen our consciousness, make us more confident, optimistic and let us live in balance, which ensures that we can tackle mental problems, which is a fertile soil for psychosomatic disorders. And also ideally suited for children! The effect of Orgone energy is extremely positive on plants.

Puny or sickly plants often recover in the presence of an Orgonite in a short time. The speed of growth of healthy plants is almost doubled. It seems almost as plants could directly exploit the energy, which may be connected with the process of photosynthesis, which also is not understood by science in detail.

In General, animals feel the positive energy of Orgonite faster than people. One can often see that insects draw small circles directly above the top of an Orgone pyramid for several minutes. Cats, dogs and other pets prefer to lay nearby an Orgonite. A customer said her dog became quieter and lost his nervousness, since she hung an Orgonite to his collar. The beekeepers who distributed Orgonite around the Beehive, reported a reduction of bees dying and a higher yield of honey.

Hens prefer to lay their eggs in the vicinity of an Orgone. The water in its origin is alive. The pollution of the water and the resulting destruction of life in the water today is greater than ever — biologically the water in our homes is almost dead. Reason of this is that the water can easily absorb and keep the life energy. The disadvantages of this characteristic of water is that despite the distillation and cleaning the chemical pollutants remain in the transmission of information in the water.

The Orgonite enables to transform the harmful information of water. And after a short time the surface tension and the crystalline structure of water is changed, and it can be seen under a microscope.

The redox potential of water is lifted significantly by an Orgonisation, this decreases the surface tension, what can be physically measured. For example Orgonite users virtually never have a cold due the Orgonite being more resistant to the pathogen. Asthma : The Orgonite provides the air with negative ions, allowing a better air to breathe. Among other things, it enables the organism to absorb energy instead to dispose it. Cancer : The discoverer of the Orgone energy Dr. Wilhelm Reich gave extremely successful cancer therapy with the help of his Orgone accumulators in the s, there are still numerous private clinics which are using these devices to fight cancer.

To clarify, a cancer patient does not die from the cancer disease, but of lack of energy, because the cancer consumes all the body energy, the Orgonite also helps to clean the body from cancer cells and it helps us to understand the message of the disease if we are open for it.Last updated April 15, Now, more than ever, holistic, whole-body wellness is becoming a top priority in the world, especially among Millennials and the younger Generation Z.

Included in this rising mass of wellness products: Crystals. Younger and older generations alike are opting for crystal healing, an alternative practice to traditional medication that involves semi-precious stones and crystals.

These healing crystals are thought to channel therapeutic elements of the Earth. When acquiring crystals, pendants, and minerals, people are free to mix facets of faith and ancient customs to create a personal, unique spiritual practice in hopes of generating healing. These items are said to have a laundry list of wellness attributes, such as creating contentment, increasing endorphin levels, promoting clear skin and blood flow, enhancing creativity, and eliminating toxins.

Does Shungite or Orgonite Protect from EMF Radiation?

These benefits are noticed by many who engage in crystal and stone healing, but they are not backed by scientific evidence. Electromagnetic Radiationor Electromagnetic Field EMF radiation, is one type of toxin many people seek to eliminate from their environments. Confused about EMFs? EMF radiation is a low form of artificial electromagnetic energy that comes from all electronic devicesincluding cell phones, tablets, and laptops. This radiation is all around us, as our world becomes more and more digital.

With mobile devices being used around the clock, current research shows that this close-range and chronic exposure to EMF radiation can cause a slew of biological changes to the body. These biological changes include cell damage and oxidative stress, DNA fragmentation, neurological changes that can become chronic illnesses, and fertility issues.

These effects can also cause symptoms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivitylike headaches, tingling, body rashes, and fatigue. As more and more research is showing the harmful effects of this radiation, and as EMFs become more and more ubiquitous, people are searching for any way to reduce this toxin in their environment. Two minerals in particular, Shungite and Orgoniteare said to have EMF radiation protection properties, which often leads people to believe they can utilize them to rid themselves of EMFs, once and for all.

In terms of crystal and rock healing, the majority of the supporting data is empirical. Whether this relaxed state is due to a Placebo effect, the effect of lying down during treatment, or if there is an unmeasurable energy being dispelled, it is unclear to modern science. Hence, healing rocks and crystals are referred to as pseudo-science.

Many people have experienced these positive effects, dating as far back as ancient times. Nor can any material —separate from an electrical circuit— modify or harmonize a frequency or waveform of energy output after it has left the source, or transmitter.

Shungite has an extremely unique molecular structure. It consists of unusually large, hollow, and stable Carbon structures with a high oxidative and reductive capacity, from which Shungite derives its antioxidant properties. Its high Carbon and Hydrogen content gives it a high electrical conductivityunlike other rocks and minerals.

Shungite is a powerful mineral that has been proven to purify water due to its ability to absorb chemical pollution and heavy metalsspecifically in H2O. According to a Russian study, Shungite is 30 times more effective than activated Carbon in removing free radicals from water.

Studies have also demonstrated Shungite can reduce the oxidizing and inflammatory effects of radiation, due to its conductivity similar to many metals.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Local Storage seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Local Storage in your browser.

Standard orgonite mix augnented with galenite, black tourmaline, shungite, smokey quartz, malachite, jet and iron oxide crystals. Use also for strong WIFI routers and repeaters in your home and office environment that cause you headaches.

So we have formulated this special 5g Equalizer orgonite towerbuster especially for maximum rdiation protection. Galenite is highly radiation absorbing. Remember the lead aprons the nurses or doctors wear when taking your x-ray? All this provides a highly potent powerful protection from 5g and other, similar microwave radation. Use it on all nearby 5g transmitters, strong WIFI routers in your house or office and any cellphone masts. Skip to the end of the images gallery.

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How does the Orgone energy affect our body and the environment

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